OneFirewall Coins

OneFirewall (OFA) Coins serve as a form of currency within the OneFirewall Alliance ecosystem, specifically designed to facilitate transactions and access to API Services. These Coins act as credits that members must possess in order to make requests against the APIs offered by OneFirewall.

Here’s an overview of how OFA Coins are used:

  1. Coin Acquisition: Users need to obtain OFA Coins in order to utilize the API Services. These Coins can be acquired through various means, such as purchasing them directly from OneFirewall or earning them through participation in the OneFirewall Alliance community.

  2. Coin Balance: Each user has a Coin balance associated with their member, which reflects the number of OFA Coins they currently possess.

  3. Request Cost: Each API service within OneFirewall Alliance has a specific Coin cost associated with it. When making a request to an API, the system checks the user’s Coin balance to ensure they have sufficient credits to cover the cost of the request.

  4. Coin Deduction: If the user has enough Coins in their balance to cover the request cost, the system deducts the corresponding amount from their Coin balance. This deduction reflects the usage of the API service and the associated resources utilized to fulfill the request.

  5. Insufficient Coins: If a user attempts to make a request but does not have enough Coins to cover the cost, the request will be denied until they acquire more Coins.

  6. Coin Management: Members can monitor their Coin balance and transaction history within their account dashboard or through dedicated OneFirewall Alliance tools. This allows users to keep track of their Coin usage and manage their credits effectively. This can be done, via the web-console under user’s profile page.

The introduction of OFA Coins helps ensure a fair and sustainable model for utilizing the API Services provided by OneFirewall Alliance. By requiring users to have a sufficient Coin balance, it enables the alliance to allocate resources appropriately and maintain the quality and availability of their services.

It’s worth noting that specific details regarding the acquisition, pricing, and management of OFA Coins may be subject to change based on the policies and updates implemented by OneFirewall Alliance.

OFA Coins Acquisition

The allocation of Coins within the OneFirewall Alliance is determined based on the license acquired by the user. Different license tiers may offer varying amounts of OFA Coins as part of their package. These Coins are provided to users upon acquiring a license and can be used to access the API Services.

For specific details regarding Coin allocation based on the license acquired, it is recommended to reach out to the OneFirewall support team. They can provide further assistance and address any queries or concerns related to Coin allocation, licensing, or additional support. You can contact the OneFirewall support team by sending an email to Email Address.

The support team will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information on Coin allocation based on different license tiers and any additional support options available to users.

API Services and Costs

The Coin cost for each API service varies based on factors such as data complexity and processing requirements, allowing fair allocation of resources.

API Service OFA Coins Required
IPv4 Feeds (FLAT) 200
IPv4 Feeds (FLAT REAL TIME) 45
IPv4 Feeds (REST) - single IP 1
IPv4 Feeds (REST) - single IP by search 2
IPv4 Feeds (REST) - Multiple IP 12
STIX2 20
Malicious Files 8
Malicious Files (Deep Scan) 120
Domains 32
Domains (Deep Scan) 120
Check the cost of each API call

When making a request to an API, the API server will process the request and deduct the appropriate number of Coins from the user’s balance. To provide transparency and information about the cost incurred, the API server will return a response header named “X-OFA-COST” This header will contain the value of the total cost debited in OFA Coins, allowing users to track and understand the Coin usage associated with their requests.